Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekly Response 8

Weekly Response 8

1. I agree with Dotson with hoe he says he needs to catch the audience’s attention. It is hard to pay attention to something if you don’t get anything out of it. Everybody will pay attention if they have something important to pay attention to. I also agree with having an even amount of sound and pictures or videos. A story could get boring if it was all talking and not many different pictures. Also I don’t like too long of stories. I thought it was interesting how important he made the natural sounds seem. Those sounds and other natural touches need to be in the story to keep people’s attention. Dotson says that having a break in talking to soak up information is also important. When watching a news cast I would never realize the break or anything else if I wasn’t paying attention.
2. Pianist loses finger in snow blower, lives to play
3. –A car driving down the street and you can hear the sound of the wheels crunching on the ground. This made the shot of him driving to the hospital a lot more dramatic and not just a car ride.
- You hear the snow blower working. The sound of it working quickly and fast makes you realize just how painful the experience was.
-The sound of the bandages being put on his fingers. The natural sounds so far seem to be the important parts of this story. The snow blower was how the accident happened and the bandages are the aftermath of the accident.
-Clapping of his audiences after he performed the piano was important because it shows how even now that he has the bandages he can still do the thing he loves and well.
4. –There is a wide shot of the pianist while he is talking about the accident with his house is in the background. It’s is an interesting camera shot because he is talking really far away but it mixes up the different shots.
-There is a medium close up of him talking again, but it’s strange because the edges seem blurry. It is interesting that he is close up on the left but then the right there is something different happening.
-One of the camera shots is a wide shot of somebody snow blowing their driveway but then over that there are news articles shooting across the screen. I thought this was a cool effect.
-There was a cutaway shot of the keys while he is playing the piano. It is cool to listen to him play while seeing the keys going along with it.
5. Nothing can get in the way of what he loves
6. This story uses a lot of Dotson’s ideas. There are a lot of natural sounds throughout the story. The natural sounds are things you wouldn’t even realize are happening unless you were looking for them because they are things we listen to all the time. There are pictures also throughout this story. For example there are times where there was a shot of the snow blower or of a car driving. There were also nice camera shots of him playing the piano.


Analysis on a News Source 7.2

Analysis on a News Source 7.2

Basics: 10 pm, March 10, KARE 11 News

Story 1: Light Snow Possible, Heavy to Southeast
Story 2: Army, Marines Cut Tuition Assistance for Active Membors
Story 3: Pull: Minnesotans Support Raising Minimum Wage


Significance: An orphanage went through bankruptcy and caused everybody who has been planning on adopting a child for however long now lost their money and the chances of adopting the child they always wanted.
Timing: This happened within the last week but effects people that have been paying for the last two months.
Human Interest: People who have been thinking about adopting might be interested in this because they could see the risks of the adoption process.
Oddity/Uniqueness: This is a unique story because this doesn’t happen that often.
Proximity: A family who was trying to adopt were from Elk River which is close to us.
Prominence: Nobody was famous

Analysis of a News Source 7.1

Analysis of a News Source 7.1

Basics: 10 pm, March 11, KARE 11

Story 1: Husband Charged With Killing Wife, Unborn Child
Story 2: Stearns Co. Domestic Abuse Program Getting Results
Story 3: Outcry after Lawmaker’s “Gay Lifestyle” Comment

1. Significance: A husband being charged with murdering his wife can be significant to a lot of women because there has been a lot more of this happening lately. It is scary to think that a spouse could do that to their partner.
2. Timing: The husband was only put into jail last night, so it just happened.
3. Human Interest: People could be interested in this because a lot of women would want to know about this. It is sad that he also murdered his baby.
4. Proximity: This happened in the twin cities
5. Oddity/Uniqueness: This story doesn’t seem that unique because they were saying how this has happened to way too many people lately.
6. Prominence: It isn’t that big of a deal because the people aren’t famous.

Weekly Response 7

Weekly Response 7

There had been a lot of good stories so far this year. One of my favorites was the one about the hockey team getting in trouble for the harlem shake video. I was the manager of the hockey team, so that story was one I heard about a lot before I even saw the news report. I also liked news story about the Olympics cutting out wrestling. I thought it was really interesting because I couldn’t imagine training the Olympics and then finding something like that out.

Timing: 1,2,2,5,1,6,2,2,6,3,1,6: Average 3.5

Significance: 4,5,3,1,3,1,1,5,4,3,5,4: Average 3.25

Human Interest: 5,1,4,4,5,4,4,1,2,2,1,2: Average 2.92

Proximity: 4,1,1,3,4,3,6,3,3,3,2,5: Average 3.17

Prominence: 5,6,6,6,2,3,6,4,5,1,3,6: Average 4.42

Oddity/Uniqueness: 1,4,5,1,6,3,1,2,1,4,3,2: Average 2.75

Most of my numbers really varied on the story. A couple of the categories like human interest and significance never were the least important. I think it is interesting that usually some things don’t matter as much as others. Timing was something that I thought would be the most important for all of the stories but then some of the later stories it didn’t seem to be as important.

Analysis of a News Source 6.2

Analysis of a News Source 6.2
Basics: 10pm on Friday March. 1st, KARE 11

Story 1: 17 Year Old in Custody for Murder
Story 2: Tipline Out In Trevino Murder Case
Story 3: Forced Budget Cuts Expected at Midnight


1.Timing: Within the last week the women went missing and her husband was arrested for being accused for the murder.
2. Significance: They don’t know for sure if the husband murdered her or if she just went missing. Even if she was murdered they still don’t know if it was the husband who killed her.
3. Proximity: It happened in Minnesota and there could be a murder around.
4. Prominence: The family really just wants to know if she is missing or if she is dead. They don’t know how to cope with the situation because they don’t know what they are dealing with.
5. Human interest: I think it is an interesting story because the body can’t be found anywhere. I think a lot of people would be interested in this story because the family would be helped out a lot if they found her or saw the husband anywhere.
6 . Oddity/Uniqueness: This story is unique because there aren’t a lot of times where the police can’t find a body.

Analysis of a News Source 6.1

Analysis of a News Source 6.1

Basics: 10p on Monday, Mar. 4, KARE 11

Story 1: More snow coming overnight; Belinda Jensen
Story 2: Traffic will be effected by the snow; Boyd Huppert
Story 3: Somebody videotaped a locker room; Randy Shaver


Story focus statement: Somebody videotaped a locker room

Significance: It is creepy thinking about possibility being videotaped while at the gym. It is gross that anybody would do that to a child.

Human interest: I don’t think it is has a huge effect of anything but people who go to the gym a lot could be really interested in this. People who have memberships to the YMCA might be worried about things now.

Proximity: This happened in Minnesota near us, so it affects us.

Timing: The videotaping only happen a few days before the story was on the news.

Oddity/Uniqueness: This is a unique story because luckily this doesn’t happen very often.

Prominence: No big important people were involved.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Analysis of News Source 5.2

Analysis of News Source 5.2

Basics: 5 pm Wednesday, 3/36/13, KARE 11, Anchors: Randy Shaver, Julie Nelson

Story 1: Police arrest man, crime, anchors, Scott Seroka

Story 2: Best Buy cutting 400 jobs in Richfield, jobs, Anchors, Allen Costantini

Story 3: Yahoo employees told they can no longer work from home, jobs, Anchors, Jeffery DuMars


1.      Oddity/Uniqueness: It’s pretty intense to see a woman who has gone missing and her husband being arrested. It is really scary and serious.

2.      Prominence: The man is being accused of murdering his wife

3.      Human Interest: I think that a lot of people would want to know about this because there could be a really bad guy walking around on the streets if it is true

4.      Significance: It is big for anyone who is living around the area and possibly knew this women

5.      Proximity: The guy could be dangerous and getting him off the streets is a good idea

6.      Timing: The timing doesn’t really matter compared to the other things